Friday, February 24, 2012

99 Days

So seems like I've been counting down FOREVER!!  But we are finally in the double digits.  Yaaaay!!  It's hard to believe that things are getting so close!!  WE got our invitations in the that really makes it feel real....or surreal, I'm not sure which one!  But either way around it I'm excited!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012's getting close!!

Wow...I can't believe our wedding is only 3 1/2 months - 109 days! - away!! I was finally able to take Josh up to WI to meet my family this past glad they LOVED HIM!! (of course, I knew they would, but still....)  I hadn't seen my family in a year, so it was nice to see everyone.  I can't believe how big Cynthia and Molly are getting, and I was so happy to meet Elsie.  She is such a sweet, happy baby!  We had an amazing time!

AND we got to spend our first Valentine's Day togther this year.  Josh was so sweet!  He took me to Olive Garden for lunch, and he got me Lady and the Tramp on BlueRay for my present.  Plus, I had to get a few groceries and he paid for those too.  So much better than flowers and chocolates.  My man loves me, and wants to take care of my needs.  Who can top that!!