Monday, September 19, 2011

Something Old.......

Several people have asked about the color scheme for the wedding.  The answer is that it was inspired by a piece of vintage jewelry that belonged to my grandmother, Esther Larson Nix.  The beads are called Aurora Borealis.  They are Olive/Sage glass beads, with the Aurora Borealis coating on them.  The light reflects the most beautiful shades of blue and purple.  

Last year for Christmas, Mom had the necklace divided up into more modern pieces for herself, me, Shannon Smith (my sister), Krystina McMillen (my sister-in-law) and Crystal MacQuarrie (David's girlfriend/my future sister-in-law....I hope!!) -- who are also my bridesmaids.  So these are the necklaces that inspired my wedding colors.  They are so beautiful.  I will be wearing Mom's necklace, since mine is a longer, brown necklace that doesn't go with a wedding dress..  I have also found matching beads that I will use to make necklaces for Stephanie McClimon, my adopted sister/bridesmaid, Mom (we will trade back after the wedding - I want one anyways), my mother-in-law, Yvonne Dorn, sister-in-law, Sara Dorn, and our nieces - Cynthia, Abigail, Molly, Sophie, Emma, and Cynthia Anne....our flower girls.

Mom's Necklace
Krystina's Necklace
Crystal's Necklace
Shannon's Necklace
Shannon's Necklace
Melinda's Necklace

Special thanks to Beka Hader, Krystina's sister, who created this lovely jewelry for us.  You can view all of her creations on Facebook - just search Sunset Jewelery.

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